Schwartz Biomedical

About Us


Schwartz Biomedical exists to provide patent-protected technology product solutions to address tissue engineering problems to improve patient outcomes in the orthopaedic, sports medicine, and oral/maxillofacial markets.


INTEGRITY is the foundation of all relationships professionally and personally. All employees have the responsibility to act honestly, fairly, and responsibly at all times. We uphold the highest work ethic and do not compromise our core values.

PEOPLE are our most valued asset. We are a community of professionals who are respectful, honest, and open in our communication. Our employees effectively balance dedication to their profession, families, and outside interests allowing them to positively embrace their work.

INNOVATION is fundamental to the success of Schwartz Biomedical. We are an entrepreneurial organization utilizing our scientific and engineering skills to apply tissue engineering principles to discover creative solutions to biomedical challenges.

TEAMWORK is essential at Schwartz Biomedical. We work together as a team where all members openly contribute their ideas and suggestions. We are dedicated to mutually supporting each other to achieve company goals and objectives. We maintain a collaborative environment that promotes risk-taking, innovation, and inventiveness.

Our Grants & Awards

To date, Schwartz Biomedical has won many grants and awards. We are very proud of our accomplishments and look forward to many more in the future. Click here to see what we've accomplished so far.

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